The Tap Dancing Curriculum is modeled after a classical instruction of tap utilizing rhythm and stage techniques. Students develop their abilities beginning with basic steps such as Nerve Taps, Heel Drops, Heel Toes, and Shuffle Digs, eventually building up their abilities until they are able to tightly execute complicated steps such as the Waltz Clog, Cramp Roll, Six Count Riff, and Maxiford Break.

All steps are incorporated into fun dance numbers and routines. Students are required not only to gain control of their own bodies, but to align this bodily control with the bodies of others in dance numbers, establishing continuity in the dance.

Also included are the basics of music theory: Time Signatures, Tempos, Syncopation, Measures, and Rhythm are integral elements of Tap Dancing.

This class consists of thirty-four carefully planned lessons that allow the students to progress in a calculated and timely fashion.

This class culminates with a performance showcasing the individual and group progress of all dancers.