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 Dance Lessons: Ethnic & Cultural

Merengue | Rumba | Cha Cha | Salsa | Swing | Waltz | Foxtrot | Tango

Over a period of ten weeks (with sessions held twice a week, totaling 20 sessions), under the expert guidance of Victoria Regan, learning basic dance steps in Ethnic and Cultural Dances enhances cultural appreciation, fosters diversity respect, and improves physical fitness through rhythmic movement.

The course covers the basic steps and rhythms of five dances of Latin American extract and three dances of Ballroom origin. It refines coordination, rhythm, and grace, connecting participants to their cultural heritage and wider global traditions. Additionally, mastering these steps promotes social skills and teamwork, as dancers collaborate closely to achieve synchronized performances that celebrate cultural identity and unity.

The steps and rhythms for the dances outlined above are taught. The historical and musical origins of the dances are also explained; written material is provided.

The fifth, tenth and fifteenth lesson are for revision purposes only.  The course culminates with a presentation by the children for their peers and parents, either in an assembly or in an organized exhibition.  In large schools or districts dance contests are an educational element of this type of dance and may  be organized.

Class size: 30 students

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