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Dance Classes by Victoria Regan

Dance Lessons in Boca Raton, Florida

Dance Lessons with Victoria Regan

Taking dance lessons from Victoria Regan in Boca Raton, Florida offers a unique opportunity to learn from a seasoned Broadway performer renowned for her expertise and passion. With Victoria Regan’s guidance, students not only master fundamental dance steps but also gain insight into the artistry and discipline of dance. Her teaching combines technical proficiency with a deep appreciation for cultural and historical contexts, enriching the learning experience. Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore dance or an experienced dancer aiming to refine your skills, Victoria Regan’s classes in Boca Raton provide a supportive environment to grow as a dancer and performer.

Performing Arts Program

Tap Dance Program

Ethnic & Cultural Dance

About Victoria Regan

Victoria Regan is a former US Latin Champion, 5X Canadian Ballroom and Latin Champion, N. American 10 Dance Champion and British Latin Finalist. Broadway credits include “42nd Street” and “Grant Hotel” and was “LaFleur” in the musical Nine in Naples, Florida.

Ms. Regan Appears in the films “A Chorus Line” and “Annie” and has performed in many concerts. Victoria is a traveling consultant for Arthur Murray, Inc. and is a Guest Artist with the “Broadway Theatre Project” in Tampa. She has her own series of Ballroom Dance Tapes titled, “You Can Dance”.

Meet Victoria Regan

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Book Victoria Regan for your Events, Classes, Shows and More! She has a lifetime of experience in the Performing Arts industry and is willing to talk to anybody seeking out her expertise.